Benefits of Proper htmlGarage Door Insulation

Proper garage door insulation is not only good for limiting street noise from entering your home, it can also help you with your energy bills. Properly insulated homes, not just garages, are ideal in environments that may experience the extreme temperatures of every season. The basic function of keeping cold air out and warm are in allows households to rely less on their central heating system, making proper insulation a very cost-effective thing to have at home.

Insulating the garage should help you keep it warm especially when the weather isn't ideal. Aside from keeping your garage area warm and cozy, garage door insulation can also make garages quieter-- so quiet, they can be used as a work room.

Instead of insulating the entire garage, it is wiser and more cost-efficient to insulate the garage door first. If your garage door does not come with good insulation, there's no need to purchase a new door: garage door insulation can be installed by our garage door experts.

garage door insulation

Different Types of Garage Door Insulation

Any garage door insulation design or type can effectively increase your garage's ability to lock warm air in; however, some types of insulation may be better suited for certain garage door types than others.

batt insulation. This type of garage door insulation is known for being flexible, cheap, and fairly easy to install. Batt insulation is stuffed into the exterior walls of the garage door and is layered with paper or foil. When set side by side, paper and foil can act as air and vapor barriers. Insulating values for every inch of thickness is R-3 to R-4.

foam board insulation. Instead of paper or foil, rigid foam board, usually made from polystyrene is layered with aluminum and vinyl before it is installed against the back of the garage door. This type of garage door insulation offers an insulating value of R 3.3 – R 6.5.

Garage doors made of steel go well with batt installation, while wooden-frame and panel garage doors insulate best when foam board installation is installed.

Reflective insulation. Makes use of materials cardboard-like insulation boards that have aluminium on one side and polyethylene on the other. These boards are thick and rigid, making them very sturdy and effective insulating materials. They can also deflect ultraviolet rays from the direct heat of the sun during warm, sunny seasons, and store warmth in cold weather. The insulation value of reflective insulation is 3.5 – 6.0. Flat garage doors go well with reflective insulation due to their design and material

Experts in Garage Door Insulation

When selecting the best garage door insulation, always consider the type of garage door you own. For best results, consult with our garage door experts, and allow them to help you select the best insulation for your garage.