Finding the Right Professionals to Assist You With Your Garage Door

Although the garage door may be heavy, large, and made of reinforced materials, it may not be enough to stop an intruder in his tracks. Many homeowners have lost properties and have had their homes burglarized with the garage door as the burglars' point of entry. The garage door may look like an unlikely weak spot in your home due to the way it is constructed and the materials used to build it, but like with your doors and windows, the garage needs to be secured at night and anytime your home is unattended.

One way to secure your garage door is by using a heavy duty, high-quality garage door lock that is designed to fit and match your garage door. Locks made specifically for garage doors are made with stronger, highly-reinforced materials, but for them to do their job properly, they must be installed properly and securely, too.

When it comes to keeping garages safe, installing a garage door lock has always been the tricky part. Not only is adding a heavy-duty garage door lock physically-demanding to do, it takes a whole lot of skill to make sure that the garage door lock works properly and protects your home, especially when you need it the most.

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Choosing the Best Garage Door Lock to Protect Your Home

Most garage doors today come equipped with a matching security system, but it definitely wouldn't hurt to add an extra layer of security to your garage door system by installing a strong and sturdy garage door lock.

When choosing a new lock for your door, consider the type of garage door you own. Some garage doors are designed to roll-up, but there are also garage doors that lift as they open. It is always important to purchase a garage door lock that matches the type of your garage door so you can easily and correctly install it. The appropriate garage door lock will work accordingly with the right garage door, so it is important to select garage doors and locks that complement each other.

Aside from choosing garage door locks based on the door they will be attached to, it is also important to look at the materials your garage door is made of. Some garage doors are made of wood, while others are made of steel, fiber glass, and aluminum. It is important to select a garage door lock that will work properly with any of these surfaces. A garage door technician can assist you with selecting the appropriate lock for the appropriate door.

Installing a Garage Door Lock

Once you've selected the right garage door lock for your garage door, it's time to put everything in place. This can be tricky: unsafe installation may damage your garage door or worse, cause some parts of your garage door to malfunction. Unsafe installation may also lead to injuries especially if you attempt to install a sturdy garage door lock.

Due to the risks that come with unsafe installation, it is highly recommended for you to get help from someone more knowledgeable in garage door lock installation, such as a garage door technician.

Installing the Right Garage Door Lock

While installing a garage door lock can be easy, finding the best lock for your garage isn't always a quick process. With plenty of garage door locks out in the market, finding the right one for your garage door will require a certain level of meticulousness.

When searching for the right garage door lock, always consider the following qualities:

  • How strong is the lock's pick resistance?
  • How strong is the lock's break resistance?
  • Can the lock withstand extreme weather changes? Will it break when the temperature falls below 0 degrees? Or will it be easy to pick in hotter weather?
  • Is the lock compatible with your garage door and garage door opener?

Pick resistance, break resistance, and weather resistance are among the most important qualities to consider when buying a new garage door lock. If the lock's pick resistance is high, it could protect you against the most skilled lockpickers. High break resistance in a garage door lock can also mean it won't break regardless of how much pressure is applied to it.